Three short stories by Sofia Pigulevsky, a very young russian-american writer

Maggio 9, 2020
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As director of Culture of this small magazine, I firmly believe in the primary mission of supporting talent and vocation in young artists. When I read Sofia’s short stories, which somehow came to me, from faraway America to the millenary streets of Rome where I live , It was immediately clear that we are faced with a promise. All young people are a huge promise to cultivate by offering them the maximum of available tools, to grasp their talent, their vocation and at the same time lead them towards their talent as something to which they must offer dedication, study and depth.
It is with this spirit that we publish these three stories that have already received recognition in the school.
However, we have placed to Sofia one condition and a challenge : to send us her work, in a few pages, where she will describe her experience as a young girl in front of the pandemic event, Sofia accepted the challenge, so she has currently become the youngest collaborator of our cultural editorial staff. (Da.Co.) 


Sofia Pigulevsky

There once lived a man who was very poor, he and his family lived in a small cottage in the middle of their small city. His job was nothing rich nor something a man would do but he sows dresses for dolls. Small girls admired his work, since he was the only one who enriched the girl’s dolls. Some years later he became in debt, his family was forced to move out. Then came the day when a royal butler came to town. He declared that who ever sows a dress first would be rich beyond belief. The message final came to the poorest man of town. He knew he could, but decided it would be rude, since he was the only one who could do only that. A few weeks past the butler declared that the family who won was the poorest of them all. No one understood why he won, then the butler said, that a man with nothing is the one with everything. It was confusing to the people but for the poorest man it was as if someone finally understood him.


The streets became empty, the parks closed, less and less people came out. It is strange to believe how hard our world has been shaken. About a year ago no one knew that they will be stuck in the middle of their lives trapped with disbelief. About a year ago we all went to school some to work other to learn, we all had thing to do. To some it was going to the store to buy there usually need, to others it was celebrating their birthdays at restaurants. Some have been to other countries, before they came back with devastating news. Now the only thing on the news is how to stop the death of all. Now we fight for those needs, now we don’t go to school but rather have it at home, now some have lost their jobs,

Sofia’s drawing with her texts exhibited in the school as best works

some have forgot who they are. This is the worst time for children around the globe. They can’t play with friends, they can’t travel with family and most of all they have to sit a home, play on their gadgets or go for a walk, but only with family no friends unless you want to play six feet apart. Those who are diseased are more heartbroken then others, they must be treated every day without seeing those they love. Now some are saying that our only way of communicating might go away for repair.  Now some are saying that the death rate is getting higher, but I believe that our world has been through so much, that this, this enemy, will be defeated with no doubt. And the loss we felt will be restore at once.



Your sitting on a bench overlooking the glimmering river, your thinking of what to wear to the upcoming dance, when suddenly your thoughts are interrupted by the horrible sound. You peer over your shoulder and gasp with disbelief as a mother grizzly bear approaches you. Your heart starts pounding, you want to run but can’t, you want to scream but nothing comes out, in that very second your frozen in time, as minutes go by, you stare at the bear and so do the cubs who seem as terrified as you. You wanted to cry but before you got the chance the mother grizzly, stumbles towards you and falls right in the middle of your legs. You let out a silent scream, but it wasn’t because of the bear who fell, but of the blood on the bears thigh, again and again you try to understand what happened, your tarring your self apart, you don’t know what to do, your just standing there trying to figure something out, while the cubs are sniffing their fallen mother. You gather your thoughts; you take out your phone, you dial the nearest veterinarian hospital and wait. You take out your favorite cloth and you put it on the wound try to keep the blood from flowing out, like they do in the movies, you expect the bear to flinch but there was no reaction,  the cubes are near but too far to reach. After some time, you hear sirens a man approaches you and nodes, he takes the wounded bear and the two cubs. You are left on the bench starring at the glimmering river. Now the thought of the dance was nowhere in sight.


Selfpresentation by Sofia

Hi, my name is Sofia Pigulevsky I am from Moscow, Russia. I live in America, Florida. I was born in 2007.

I started writing in 4th grade. Many of my language arts teachers pulled some of my work onto the wall of achievements. I am in 7th grade now and this is where I am flourishing with my writing. My current teacher noticed my writing skills and helped them improve on a larger scale. When I wright it feels as if I can express my emotions deeper and release what’s on my mind. Something that inspires me is meeting worldwide known writers or seeing something unique, for example: a work of art, a dance (which I love to do myself) or even as simple as plain nature. I love to travel with my notebook, with it I can right all the new experiences and sight seeing’s. Though because of Covid- 19 I can’t go to school and show what I have written to the teacher, I send it on my school email. Sometimes when I go to bed I might wake up in the middle of the night, because I came up with a new short story to wright.

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